People who live and work in Solano County are in the best position to recognize early signs or changes in the behavior of local residents that might indicate beginnings of mental or emotional distress. Gatekeepers open the gates between Seniors needing help and sources of help in their community. Gatekeepers are often caring, concerned and already making observations about people around them, but havenít known what to do to help a person that they are concerned about. In order to enlist their assistance, and help them identify and refer Seniors who seem to be having difficulties, the Prevention and Early Access Program provides Gatekeeper Training sessions throughout the community.

Certain Senior members of the community are more at risk for developing mental health challenges and are therefore particularly in need of alert observations by Gatekeepers. This high risk category includes those Seniors who may:

  • Live alone
  • Have low income
  • Have no relatives or friends nearby
  • Have recently experienced losses such as death of a spouse or other family members, pets, loss of a job or income source and loss of a driverís license
  • Have recently experienced illness or who have progressive or chronic illness
  • Have experienced injury, particularly head injury severe enough to cause loss of consciousness
  • Have language or cultural differences
  • Have been victims of Elder Abuse

    To make a referral to the Senior Outreach Team:

      1. Make a phone call to 707-643-1797.
      2. State that you are a community Gatekeeper and would like to make a referral.
      3. Be prepared to provide:
        A. The person's name
        B. The personís phone number and address (if possible)
        C. A brief description of the problem or situation
        D. Your own name and phone number
    Attached is the screen/referral tool to help us better serve our seniors.

    You can also use the online referral form, at any time, to make a referral.

    Referrals should be made only during regular business hours. The Drop-In Center is open Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 PM. When Gatekeepers call during these regular business hours the receptionist will:

      A. refer your call to a Senior Outreach Team member, if one is available to speak to you, or
      B. transfer you to a Team memberís voicemail
      All voicemails will be retrieved and action taken within 24 hours of receipt, excluding weekends and holidays, or some other unexpected circumstances.

    Please remember that the Senior Outreach Team is not able to respond to crisis situations. In case of an emergency situation you should call 911 or the County Crisis Line at 707-428-1131.

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